Loved the view going on the Dog Lake Trail side. If you feel adventurous, follow the unsigned use trail from lower Young Lake past middle Young Lake to the breathtaking upper Young Lake. The lake was beautiful especially in the morning watching the sun rise over the mountains. Park at Lembert Dome parking. Absolutely the most peaceful and relaxing backpacking trip we have ever done! If you take the apparently more used trail to the right, you'll find the trail ends in about 200 yards. Lakes are beautiful. Glad I had my trekking poles. Middle Young Lake Loop via Young Lakes Trail 14.2 mi 8 hrs difficult 1657 elev () Creeks are easily crossed. Watching sunset over the cascading lakes was one of the most incredible sunsets I have ever seen. We literally had to run to get away from them. Elevation Gain: 1300 feet (400 m). I stayed at the middle lake and there was only one other group there. There is a very nice waterfall between the middle and upper lake. Junction with Dog Lake Trail - Continue Straight. Hiked Young Lakes to Tuolomne Meadows via Glen Aulin on 9/7/19. The trail climbs fairly steeply through the forest, then settles into a moderate grade passing the trail that heads to Lembert Dome. Rate Quality . Our four day trek took us into beautiful scenery, well away from the hoards of Yosemite visitors. I recommend doing it clockwise since it is more of a gradual incline rather than leaving from Dog Lake which is very steep. Of course, the return is an easy down hill for the most part. This Yosemite map shows most major park roads with notes about seasonal closings. I may be a bit biased as this trip was my first time in Yosemite and I was completely awe struck by the beauty all around me. The hike took only 3.5 hours round trip. That being said you will be hiking a consistent uphill all the way if you do this route in reverse. Highlights included camping at Glen Aulin and Young Lakes and, for some of the party, climbing to the peak of Mount Conness - a great achievement. Great views of the Cathedral Range from the Dog Lake trail. To complete the hike, you'll need to hike cross country back across the basin meadows to Middle Gaylor Lake, back up to the main trail and back down to the parking lot. The county includes not only Yosemite, but many other places worthy of exploration like the Sierra National Forest, the Merced River Recreation Management Area, Coulterville, Mariposa, Fish Camp and Wawona to name a few. We saw maybe 3 other hikers on our way up. Overall great hike. Lol We got a pretty late start (about 1pm) so it was a bit hotter than we liked. Google Map. Did this hike July 27-29th 2019. Follow the dirt road at the west end of the parking lot past the stables to Parson's Lodge. The Young Lakes are named for General S M B Young (1840-1924), Acting Superintendent of Yosemite National Park in 1896, and a veteran of the Civil and Spanish American Wars. High Sierra Trails website makes no warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability or suitability of any of its maps. Needs Adoption Near Yosemite Valley, California. Start at the Lembert Dome Parking Lot and take the trail via the Dog Lake route towards Young Lakes. We lost the trail because we started hiking along the stream enjoying its beauty. Too many mosquitoes to enjoy our time at Young Lakes, but the trail is beautiful, with good views on the Yosemite peaks. Great in the summer. So we were pretty much all by ourselves over there with the sound of the waterfalls on the creek to lull us to sleep at night. Three of the most beautiful lakes I’ve ever seen. The nights get below freezing in wear clothes. Hiked it clockwise, up from Glen Aulin trailhead by the stables off Lembert Dome parking lot; back via Dog Lake trail. The Fishing My son landed a nice Brookie caught on a "Sierra Bug" which is an attractor created by Steve Beck who is the author of two excellent books that you may already have: "Fishing Yosemite" and "Fishing the John Muir Trail". The trail now climbs steadily, though not too steeply, to the intersection with the Dog Lake trail. Location: Yosemite National Park Trailhead: Tuolumne Meadows, elevation 8,584 feet Highest point on the trail: 9,973 feet Lower Young Lake elevation: 9,880 feet Elevation Gain: 1,389 feet Hiking Distance: 6.4 miles Best seasons: Summer through fall Campsites: north side of Lower and Middle Lakes, northwest side of upper lake Young Lakes via Glen Aulin Trail. Yosemit…, CA. Absolutely beautiful. Continue straight ahead for another mile and a half to lower Young Lake. Campsites lie just north of the trail. Yosemite Hikes Home » Trail Maps Yosemite Trail Maps. Most of elevation loss seems to be in last miles coming back into Lembert Dome. The Young Lakes are a series of three lakes located about 7 miles north of Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park. to bring big spray, bug net, and covering clothing to protect you from the bugs. Park at Lembert Dome parking Lower and Middle Young Lakes are beautiful, but you're going to want to push on to Upper Young Lake, where you'll find the best views of the lot. Temperatures are very cold at night so if you camp bring warm clothes (we had frost on our tent on August 29). The Young Lakes trail starts from the Lembert Dome parking area and then winds up around 6 miles into the high country past alpine meadows and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. We were praying for no more uphill climbing & begging for the lake to finally come into view! Beautiful trail! The way back was steeper but since it was downhill it can be done faster and I was also racing against the sun setting. Caught FIFTEEN trout there in under an hour for a total of 23 fish. With a pack, the initial ascent is steep and tough, but it's worth it for the views at Young Lakes. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until September. It was pretty easy to find seclusion from the other campers. Awesome trail. Some decent uphill but not bad going up; 4.5 hrs at a leisurely pace with backpacks and a 12 yr old. I really wouldn’t recommend it for families with kids under the age of 8. Started at 8AM and finished at 5PM, leisurely pace with breaks at Lower and Upper Young Lakes and short hike into Dog Lake. Bring more water than you think you need, lots of sunscreen, and if you think you're there, keep going. A bit of a scramble and bushwhack going up waterfall to Upper Lake but totally worth it. We did the clockwise loop, finishing the dog lake route, and we’re happy with that since it looked like dog lake was a lot steeper. The fishing is also pretty good. Loop trail from Tuolumne Meadows to Upper Young Lake and return. Hiked it counter clockwise on July 22nd and 23rd. Absolutely must go clockwise. It was very windy at the first, second and third lake. Also right after this uphill section by Upper Lake is a bog that has INSANE mosquitos! Distance: 13.6 miles (21.9 km) round trip. I have to say that this was one of the prettiest hikes throughout the entire trail that we have done. I believe the trail continues straight across the stream. 15. But for my first solo backpacking trip I couldn't have picked a better loop. Add Rating. We stayed at Lower lake because mosquitos were out at the higher lakes. Bear boxes and outhouse available. 7 miles back to the trailhead on our way out. Would be much better to make it an overnight. Some trails are all about the destination. Take the Dog Lake trail to the left. Glad we went via Glen Aulin to Young Lakes first and then returned via Dog Lake trail. The Young Lakes Trails is 5 to 10 miles round trip depending on where you go. Trailhead for Young Lakes via Dog Lake Trail is also located here. If it is late in the season be sure to check if parking lots off of Tioga Road (HWY120) are still open for overnight parking (we visited the last weekend with overnight parking off of Tioga - day lots stay open later into the season). I will say that the hike in (via Dog Lake Trail) was pretty intense for us. If you start early you can do this hike in one day but you won’t have as much time to enjoy the lakes. Great trail and would highly recommend. Map Key Favorites Check-Ins. Was not disappointed! 6. Commenting on the route in via dig lake: Glen Aulin to Cold Canyon/Waterwheel (pass-through) 12. Download a free copy of the official Yosemite National Park map before your Yosemite vacation. Then the hike up to the 2 other upper lakes was just as if not more awe inspiring than the 1st lake! Regardless, the scenery is incredibly beautiful!! The use trail to Middle Young Lake was really steep, rough, muddy, slippery…and M refused to take it. 12. Please explain. Mosquitoes were bad but overcome with spray and bug suits. Steep inclines and declines for most of the trail until you meet up with the Glen Aulin trail about 3.3 miles in. Well worth the work! This trail may not have the wow factor of places in Yosemite Valley, but if you want a true wilderness day hiking experience in the park w/ solitude, this is probably your best bet. We crossed the falling creek about 1/4 of the way around the lake and found "the perfect" hard spot just up in the trees. TIP - remember where you entered to the lakes so you find the trail out! This is a moderately strenuous hike with a good amount of uphill; not really bad at sea level, but at 8600-9000 feet some can get winded early on. Spam? They are set against the backdrop of Ragged Peak, an appropriately named peak stretching to almost 11,000′. This is about an injury or accident Something else? It did dip to freezing at night so definitely pack a warm sleeping pad and bag, we were fine in our 20 degrees bags. The best time for this trip is late August or September. Definitely one of the most beautiful hikes I've ever done. There was was looks like a usually full stream about half way in and then another about 3/4 of the way through where we filtered water. Had a little trouble getting acclimated to the altitude. You're not. I ended up spending two nights in a hammock up there. Yes. There are certain parts that are not well marked at all so we ended up needing to back track a couple times. Beautiful hike! Day 1: Hike 7 moderate-strenuous miles from Tuolumne Meadows to Young Lakes, strike camp. Ideal backpacking trip if you want to take first-timers with you! The lakes are beautiful, and there's fairly easy access from the upper lake to the bowl below White Mtn and Mt Conness. I would also recommend a face net. Yosemite National Park charges a fee to enter. Trail Head: Dog Lakes Trail head out of Tuolumne Meadows Map used: Tom Harrison Map: Tuolumne Meadows Trail Map Milage: 13.6 miles (feels like 15) Elevation: est 8200 start / 9850 end Difficulty: Moderate If you are like Brad and I then you enjoy hiking on trails with as few people as possible. The destination did not disappoint by any stretch of the imagination! Dog Lake Trail Junction - Take Left Trail. Reach lower Young Lake (9,850 feet). 9. The hike out via Glen Aulin trail was a very gradual decent and very picturesque as well. Yes. Young Lakes - Key Facts. Turn right at the Y-junction to head toward Young Lakes. Hiked it clockwise on 1 Nov leaving just after 10am and taking 7 hours total including rests so got back to car park just as it got dark. But in all seriousness, this was a beautiful hike. Great hike. We still have a hard time believing that the mountain trail distance markers are right...they sure do seem like the longest miles on the face of the planet! Started to feel the altitude and perhaps was a bit dehydrated on the way back so make sure to bring lots of water and snacks. 4. Be prepared for considerable climbing on descent back via Dog Lakes trail. It was magical. Good open views during the hike and it was pretty quite once at the lake. Overall it was tougher than I expected because of the effects of altitude. We didn’t see any bears or anything. It's about 7 miles to the upper of the three Young Lakes. Great hike, trail well marked and no snow on trail over Labor Day weekend. Yosemite trail maps. The South Fork of the Tuolumne River running through the preserve is ideal for swimming, fishing and panning for gold. 6. 6.6 Miles 10.6 KM Point to Point. Just before Parson's Lodge, take the dirt road to the right that goes north of the lodge. Yes. Day 2: Day hike to summit of Mount Conness. You can also purchase a park specific annual pass for $70. Elevation gain on hike to the third lake is 2300 ft, gain back to trailhead is 700 ft. Total Distance: 13.5 miles Elevation Gain: 1,553 feet Difficulty: Easy/Medium Days: 1 Night Hike Type: Out-and-back Trailhead: Tuolumne Meadows Wilderness Center (23.Young Lakes via Dog Lake) Seasons: Summer & Fall Permit Requirement: Yes, Year-Round Camping: Dispersed Camping Map: National Geographic Yosemite National Park Water: Filter along the way I caught several brook trout using a yellow rooster tail. The lowest of the lakes makes for stunning sunrises/sunsets and there's good campsites on the north side of the lake (and good water in the creek that flows down from the lake). Lots of incline leaving from Glen Aulin but it’s still less of a grade than leaving via Dog Lake. East peasy, and it dropped us right into the lake shore just a few yards past where the use trail comes off the cliff. Started late around 10am. Hiking Young Lakes Loop to 10,000 ft views, Delaney Creek Meadow, & Dog Lake. As tired as we were, we decided to hike around the lake a bit to look for the best spot. First and second lakes are forested/protected. Hike the trails less traveled or knock off some of the most popular hikes in Yosemite from your bucket list. This one was beautiful the entire time. Yosemite Lakes RV Resort is the perfect camping destination for enjoying a scenic summer in California. You just can't capture the beauty of this glacial cirque with a single photo - you have to be there. Did this hike on 08/19/18 thru 08/21/18 via the Dog Lake Trail and returned via the Glen Aulin. The information provided on this website is done so without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Beautiful views of Cathedral Range. This is a classic Sierra Nevada high country trek, complete with subalpine forests, exposed granite outcroppings, and pristine glacial cirque lakes. Just a tip: look for other people's footprints on the trail. Ranger reported that there is often a bear at Young Lake, we did not see any. Young Lakes. Did some fishing back at the bottom lake & just relaxed rest of the day. We backpacked in via the glen Aulin trail which is beautiful but that last 1.5 miles to the lake is tough- seemed to take forever. Topographic Map of the Young Lakes Trail, Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park, California Secluded, creek with fresh water, and less bugs than at young lakes! I think clockwise is definitely the way to go. National Geographic Topo map, profile and trail overhead files for the Young Lakes trailhead. Third lake is an open meadow on the north side of the lake. Plan on doing this again next year. Went to all three lakes and found the trail easy to follow, with only one scramble to get to the upper lake. The map displayed above is for illustrative purposes only. Beautiful sunrise hitting Ragged Peak. Great semiloop trail. Zoom in to see details. Young Lakes – 13.4mi / 21.5km. Being a jerk / offensive? may have been made. My permit is for Young Lakes via Glen Aulin Trail. It was surprisingly cold (October 6th) but seeing the lake surrounded by fresh snow was magical. The mountain, lake, and meadow views are gorgeous and make the hike worth it. The trail is now entirely snow free. Couldn't have asked for a better more tranquil setting! With that being said, going into Yosemite in the middle of summer was an all out gamble! Park on left side of Soda Spring Road. We spent 3 days total...Day 1 (started super late) hiked in from 1pm - 5pm then set up camp & just enjoyed the area. 7 miles and can be accessed by two main routes with three starting trail-heads. It's high altitude (9800 feet), so expect a few breaks on your way up if you're backpacking in. However, if you're not up for any more uphill, simply go straight and retrace your steps all the way back to the trailhead. Map Key Favorites Check-Ins. If you have a heavy pack it’s quite a hike. My friend and I did it in about 7.5 hours with lots of stops. 8. The dog lake trail out on day three is strenuous but beautiful- make sure you go to soda springs at the junction near the end or you will end up at the wilderness center. I did this loop in the opposite direction (starting at Young Lakes via Dog Lake and finishing via Glen Aulin). 8. Be sure to at least hike up to Upper Young Lake for the view of the lower two Young Lakes. Wow! Absolutely LOVED this hike! Yes. Watch where you are going once you get to the granite as I got lost with a buddy of mine and ended up pulling the map out to figure out where we went wrong. Go straight - right hand trail ends in 200 yds. Trail map, elevation profiele, route details, photos, wilderness permits. When you're ready to leave, retrace your steps to the Dog Lake trail and follow it back to the trailhead. Follow the signed trail on the right towards Geln Aulin. Just north of the lodge you'll pick up the trail to Glen Aulin. Park at Lembert Dome parking. Virtual Tour of Young Lakes Trail. We hiked along the trail on the west side of the lake and hit a small patch of the trail where the short willows had turned a bright red. If you are entering on foot, horse, or bike the fee is $20 per person. Really enjoyed this hike, loved the scenery although the mosquitos put a bit of a dampener on the trip, leave the essential oils at home and get some DEET! This route has a consistent mellow decline, with a well marked trail all the way. We are not in amazing shape, but not horrible either. Great day hike into the lakes (skipped the upper young lake) and had a nice ‘easier’ way back. The meadows and alpine forests are breathtaking and the lakes themselves are gorgeous. No bear trouble either. Due to the near by fire, it was not crowded as expected. Upper lake was breathtaking but mosquitoes made sure we didn’t hang around for too long. Our second day we slack packed to the two upper lakes- each more beautiful than the last - don’t miss them, although the trail is hard to find in places. I'd highly recommend making the scramble up the waterfall to Upper Young Lake, one of the best sunsets I have ever seen! This was an amazing trip! 10. Day 2 we hiked up to the upper lakes from about 8am until about 3pm. Yes. Young Lakes Trail is a 13.5 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Yosemite Valley, California that features a lake and is rated as moderate. Park at wilderness center or Dog Lake parking. You can continue north from Dog Lake, but while most of the trails in Yosemite connect in a vast web that you can follow to nearly anywhere in the park if you're willing to pursue a circuitous enough route, this one dead-ends at Young Lakes, 4.5 miles (7.5 km) north of Dog Lake. Young Lakes Trail Loop is a 14.5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Yosemite Valley, California that features a lake and is rated as moderate. Fantastic hike, great for a short trip :). Make sure (!) Mosquitoes weren’t bad anywhere. Nobody else camped on that side of the creek. It is a constant climb that can be strenuous at times. This loop takes you to a beautiful alpine lake that sits below the jagged ridgeline of Ragged Peak. Virtual Tour of Young Lakes Trail. Follow that trail for about a mile, then take the signed trail to the right towards Young Lakes. 6.6 Miles 10.6 KM 83% ... Lower Yosemite Fall Trail 1.0 mi 1.6 km • 75' Up 22.74 m Up • 84' Down 25.55 m Down. There is dispersed camping at all three lakes. Glen Aulin. Trails are in very good condition with only 2 trees to clear. Also well worth a hike to the highest lake, which is very pretty (the middle lake is comparatively unremarkable). 10,031' 3,058 m High 8,619 ... Yosemite Lakes Backpacking Trip 13mi May 30, 2015 Lindsay Ware. Uphill is not too strenuous until right before the last (Upper) lake. Day 3 we packed up and headed out about 8am and arrived at our car at 11:30am. Just five miles from Yosemite National Park, this campground features 400 acres of wonderland and activity. Make sure you are in the overnight parking area on the gravel road (not the day use lot)! Young Lakes via Dog Lake. Your presence here indicates an interest in knowing where you're going, a trait that gives you a survival edge over many Yosemite visitors. Tuolumne Meadows to Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp, Waterwheel Falls and the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne Trail, Benson Pass - Northeast Yosemite Grand Tour, Tuolumne River Loop: Dana and Lyell Forks, PCT: CA Section I - Tuolumne Meadow to Sonora Pass, Lembert Dome from Tuolomne Meadows Lodge Road, Tuolome, Sunrise and Merced Lakes, and Vogelslang Loop. Pictures taken July 2017. We took our time on this one since we were hiking with our kids, ages: 1, 4, 7. No bugs, cooler temps, and fewer thunderstorms. The Dog Lake route or the Toulumne Meadow Route. However, you'll be rewarded with absolutely gorgeous views of alpine meadows and stunning panoramas. You can also see an overview of the main hiking trails, but be sure to pick up an actual trail map before you head out into the backcountry. We also had our own flat rock on the lake to go sit out on every night and every morning. Note that there are several uphill sections on this trail, the first one (350 ft climb) being the longest. I used spinner lures. Stopped at the junction before young lakes to camp. Tough! At Young Lakes, best campsites appear to be on the north side and northwest side. This was a bit of a stretch for our 4 year old, but he made it. Return to camp at Young Lakes. Always confirm information with the service provider and check for any recent changes that The trail to Nelson Lake is considered off trail because the maintained trail ends at Elizabeth lake out of Tuolumne Meadows so hikers must either go off trail and cross the Unicorn Peak/ Cockscrum range area over into Echo Creek Basin or make there way over from Matthes Lake using nothing but map … Pay attention at the first stream! If you’re doing a lot of hiking or any overnight trip, you’ll want to purchase a detailed trail map, such as the National Geographic Trails Illustrated map or the fantastic Tom Harrison map.. We hiked into Young Lakes via Dog Lake which was a strenuous route. Middle Lake is loaded with brook trout, but he upper lake is an anglers paradise. There were 3-4 tents at the lower lake. The views are completely stunning; I uploaded a few photos. Start the hike from the Lembert Dome parking lot. This trip is best done as a 3 day, 2 night backpacking trip making camp at Young Lakes, however it is possible to do it in a single day long haul. I’m in average shape, and had to take lots of breaks, but that could be because my pack weighed in at 55lbs, packing for all the fam. Hiked loop clockwise yesterday. However, majority of the time there was a nice breeze and the woods kept a nice comfortable temp. Be advised, the use trail follows the stream between the middle and upper lakes, and includes a short but very steep section. So we took a saner route along the ridge just to the North. The lakes were absolutely breathtaking! Approx 7 miles round trip. One of the few lakes I have caught multiple fish at within 30 minutes. 10ish other people at the lake, and no people on the way back down. We parked at Lembert Dome trailhead. Saw no one on the trail. we love hiking on vacation every year, but being from Florida means that's about the only time we are able to do it. Fantastic 3 day backpacking trip into the high country north of Tuolumne Meadows. The 1.5-mile spur trail features a flat section followed by a brief climb before reaching the first lake. The hike into Young Lakes is approx. Location: 37.936994, -119.348611. The highest point on the trail is 9,973 feet (3,040 m), and the elevation of Lower Young Lake is 9,880 feet (3,010 m), The elevation gain is 1,389 feet (423 m), The hiking distance is 6.4 miles (10.3 km), The best seasons is summer, through fall; this depends on snowfall, so check with a ranger, There are campsites at: North side of Lower, After setting up camp at Lower Young Lake and resting for a bit, we took a nice hike up to the upper two lakes. Following footprints really helps! Mosquitoes at the lake were not bad at all. If you’re doing Yosemite just by car, the free maps below will be sufficient. Highlights: Lakes, High Country. Very lush this time of year. Every effort is made to provide accurate and up to date information, but we cannot be responsible for errors or for changes that may have occurred since publication. You can either retrace your steps to the correct trail, or like me, head northwest to intercept the correct trail. Not much of a view for most of the trail but well worth it to see the lakes - some of the nicest I’ve seen in CA. This is a fairly popular destination, though I’m told not as crowded as other Tuolumne Meadows destinations. Next time I’ll do the summit. Mono/Parker Pass. Congratulations on reaching this page! Trailhead: Young Lakes via Dog Lake or Glen Aulin. Trail map to Young Lakes from Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park. Some snow off trail at 9500ft in the shady areas. Most of the campsites are at the lower lake, although there are some on the others. This chain of three lakes is north of Tuloumne Meadows and provides wide panoramic views of the Cathedral Range. We had no bug problems this time of the year at the lower lakes. We went to Dog Lake first, then doubled back and took the fork to Lembert Dome. Western approach is supposedly a class 2 hike (meaning we might have to scramble a little bit). Felt fine on the way up and the incline was gradual. Glen Aulin Trail is good while you are in Tuolumne Meadows IMO, and it’s wooded going towards Young Lakes. The trail is primarily used for hiking and running and is best used from July until October. I definitely recommend not setting up camp immediately when entering the area around the lake. Permit Demand: Medium. Having already hiked many of Yosemite's day trails, we wanted to spend time in the backcountry. Fees are $35 per vehicle or $30 per motorcycle. LDY012. Nearby Recommended Routes. Strava clocked us at 8 miles to the third lake (including out and back detour to Dog Lake).
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