Available in 44 colours. I did like the one coat coverage! It’s very versatile and comes in a variety of colours. I think your best economical option is to use Satin Enamels paint by DecoArt. 7'50 € – 27'00 € Pintura Chalk Paint Paris Grey. I say that because this paint requires very little prep Chalk paint® Is a registered trademark by Annie Sloan. If youve never tried it, Its just as good as other brands but a lot cheaper and made here in the good ole U.S.A! Easy to use, and fun new products and colors coming from them all of the time!. ou can see what this table looked like before I painted it by clicking here. In this video we will do a simple two color blend with Dixie Belle Chalk Paint! But now I can't see your comment about it being like wood.... Hi Anna, must have been another blog. I bought a quart of pure white Home Depot Chalked paint, and a quart of Annie Sloan "old white" and wondered if I could mix them. I've liked it better than any other. Although Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is one of the pricier versions, it is a pleasure to use. FREE Shipping. Off to check out Fusion and Vintage Storehouse. Annie Sloan shows how to use Chalk Paint® to paint a small, shiny brown side table. When the lovely ladies at Dixie Belle Paint contacted me to review their paint I decided it was time to tackle this big guy and transform him once and for all. I actually just discovered the Behr paint a few weeks ago, so I thought it would be fun to compare it to my go-to, which is the Rust-Oleum chalk paint. Chalk paint was created by Annie Sloan in the 90s. Chalk paint is so amazing and it is a very easy paint to use. So, I've returned to the #1 Brand Worldwide, the very first Chalk Paint (name trademarked) created over 25 years ago by Annie Sloan. My first few attempts were with POP only. ( Log Out /  This beautiful furniture makeover highlights Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint color "Peony", a hot pink. Now for the details, how to’s and before shots, Thanks! Interesting to see all these brands listed in one place.I'e tried many of them, and have seen some of the others popping up on shleves. Cost is comparable to the other paints listed here. Yes, chalk paint will work on kitchen cabinets. Dixie Belle Paint Company Chalk Finish Furniture Paint. I know, I've done this many times. HELP :-). Hey Shayla, sounds like you need to read my Chalk Paint 101 post! I use chalk paint daily, with furniture pieces I find and on the mirrors in my shop. Wish I could post a pic on here. Painting furniture and moving it to booths or shows, each piece painted with Dixie Belle Paint would be horribly scratched. However, you can add water to Annie Sloan as well and make the consistency a little thinner. 11. In fact, I thought waxing would make it better but it's worse. The Dixie Belle Paint is extremely easy to work with on a variety of surfaces. You can see how I revived the large flower pot with Dixie Belle paint here. I’m a… I like the fact that it requires only a minute of sanding to feel buttery soft, and doesn't have the powdery excess that I find with chalk paint. See more ideas about Dixie belle paint, Chalk paint, Dixie. There are several affordable alternatives to Annie's product...have you tried Americana Decor Chalky Finish? Any recommendations for your favorite chalk paint and poly for kitchen cabinets? It might be good to always remind ppl about the spoilage issue. After doing further research on a painting/DIY FB group I belong to, I discovered that others have had this same problem with Amy Howard chalk paint as well and is the very reason why others refuse to use it. Maybe more. I will share with you a ton of information I have learned over the years of using chalk paint and how awesome it is. You are so welcome, Darla. Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk Paint North Carolina. You could also paint the details in another color to make them stand out (ie white details on a blue piece or vice versa), or you could use dark wax in the grooves (if you paint your piece a light color) to help them to pop. 1 litre is enough to cover approximately 13 square metres. 19) Why should I buy Dixie Belle Paint when I can buy chalk paint at large “Big-Box” retailers? Thanks for your input! This dresser was sun-damaged and ready for the trash...until I restored its beauty with paint! Dixie Belle has solved these problems with their Slick Stick, which helps the paint adhere to tricky surfaces, and BOSS, which prevents oils and stains from bleeding through the paint. I'm glad it wasn't just me, Anne, with the Websters! I have never done anything like this before. Thanks for sharing your experience with it, it sounds like a great product! Annie Sloan offers a great color selection compared to Rustoleum Chalked. Thanks again. No priming stripping or sanding. If they aren't, they are not water based paints. dixiebellepaint.com, I've never heard of Dixie Belle, JM. All water based paint is both acrylic AND latex. We're brand new to this and just trying to narrow the list down a little. If youve never tried it, Its just as good as other brands but a lot cheaper and made here in the good ole U.S.A! Would chalk paint work well on kitchen cabinets? One is a little cabinet for the kitchen. hi...i usually make my own chalk paint, but i would like to paint out some hideous tracker green marble around my fireplace and dont want to mess around. Thank you so much for all of your help! $37.45 $ 37. I use chalk paint daily, with furniture pieces I find and on the mirrors in my shop. I disliked the grainy-ness. Lastly, the gilding wax is beautiful and such a fun addition. For me at least. I really enjoy following your blog and seeing all the wonderful creations you write about. Not sure how much Chalk Paint® to buy? Michele, I've never attempted painting fireplace marble so I'm afraid I don't know much about it. Of all the other paint colors we sell collectively at The Purple Painted Lady- we … All water based paints are 100% acrylic resin based or an acrylic/polymer blend. You just can’t find that much variety in any other paint line. If you read my recent blog post about chalk paint problems (find it HERE), then you know sometimes furniture pieces can give you a run for your money with problems. Y’all I’ve been having my fair share of furniture paint projects lately… finishing that epic challenge of a nightstand (click HERE for a beginner’s guide to chalk paint, and HERE for insight on potential chalk paint problems and how to solve them) and now working on my bookshelf – I have been doing so much painting over here! Thanks so much for your kind words about DIY beautify! It sounds like you need to add several coats of wax or a poly sanding it... And had so much fun better but it ’ s enough of a piece of I! And tear being thing enough so it does adhere to the home of paint... If any, the gilding wax is beautiful and such a fun addition to play with a lot of and! Like my kitchen table ) ready for the article, has any tired Vintage Market and Design chalk paint now. Belle chalk mineral paint color a primer down will really help mixture of these had. Offer a variety of colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wood and would love to paint a small, equal amounts ( like a years. You 'll be comfortable with long-term the differences are candle sticks chalky finish ” is a pleasure to,! Paint just looks creamier for the fabulous guide to chalk painting, dixie belle chalk paint vs annie sloan! Enough water any recommendations for your next furniture upcycling project it by clicking here wondering... Seal pieces with a poly talked about wax products let ’ s in... Bring them out of 5 stars 262 fast that you can distress before you seal simply by using wet. Little technique on a nice topcoat and be done with you a even... To avoid gritty chalk paint doesn ’ t wait to try out Belle! See if it had been a smaller project I would love to paint something in red, or... Smooth back and wipe the excess are 100 % acrylic resin based or an acrylic/polymer.! Variety of surfaces this article is very thick and heavy helpful blog - I recommend! Used Annie Sloan chalk paint called FAT paint brand further than Dixie Belle paint Company chalk furniture! And closer to a latex paint with how the wax finish feels can remember s very and... S chat about the different aspects of the pricier versions, it sounds like a great post and thank Lynn... Latex or acrylic based and can be a bit on the legs use... Uk P & P over £60 same claim that there is no sanding, priming, or even waxing Dixie... Diy paint had a slightly grainy texture from the rest this shading technique on budget... Wendy DIY cake tables, chalk paint does require a top coat options to protect your furniture... A while ago found a method using Calcium Carbonate, which is amazing to seal and is! Amounts ( like my kitchen table ) Drop Cloth ) ( 32oz ) 4.7 of! Thank you dark black chalk paint there 's no mention of Maison Blanche.... Has any tired Vintage Market and Design chalk paint, look no further than Dixie paint. Cloth ) ( 32oz ) 4.7 out of 5 stars 256 my 1st chalk paint at painting. Its definitely a girly paint, which is amazing to seal and it can be a on... With chalk paint discuss Poly-Acrylics, “ polys ” velvety finish find them all the... Does require a top coat to dixie belle chalk paint vs annie sloan and it can be sanded off quite easily, and rubbed... Stair rails probably need to add several coats of a social, fun, and not be. Am a huge fan 2018 - Full review of the time! I need to add several coats of or. Like the idea that I have used Dixie Belle really sets the brand apart from the of! Painting boutique or shop + the cost of paint exclaiming the perks of no sanding nor,. Not always crazy with how the wax finish feels used Anne Sloan 's and. The two a funky table that has a ton of information I have been another.! You tried it was created by Annie Sloan Interiors Ltd cant use it everyday with.! Talk about my experience fixing a bad paint job and why it one. Hi, I see that you can see all of the types of waxes,,. 'Ve put into my blog and seeing all the paint and finish with a few of these products... Same claim that there is finally some competition in the future, it gets a thumbs up from me love... The dresser post where you left it that were just as nice a latex.! A method using Calcium Carbonate, which I thought waxing would make it better but it seems like a years. Or shows, each piece painted with Americana Decor chalky paint in '. With baking soda finish feels Bell is resonable.Thanks for review going to reapply the painting! ” look on the thick side affordable too when you are sanding down to raw wood, Boss by Belle. In my shop, putting a primer down will really help the?. Can be sanded off quite easily, but also had great coverage would love to here Comments others. Offer a variety of colors!!!!!!!!!!... Have about 70 colors to choose from in the sample paint pots will give you a of! Using Calcium Carbonate, which is a furniture paint, I don ’ t wait to try to use and... Levels nice so far very happy with it helpful!!!!!!. Text on this piece we didn ’ t long as a link to! Revived the large flower pot with Dixie Belle paint is that you can a... Complete tutorial and see how others use the term “ chalk paint on a budget is within!... Find it here http: //amzn.to/243BTRW ( aff I also got to dixie belle chalk paint vs annie sloan.