Great beaches, a relaxed vibe, cheap hotels (and luxury ones too), and there’s even a water park. I want to go do for my 30th birthday on April 18 and experience the warm beaches. Kimberly. Located: in the southern Cyclades. Folegandros was the best, a fantastic island. He is interested in the historical sites and Ancient Greece. I want to spend 2 days in Santorini and the other 7 days I want to pick up 2 of these 4 islands: Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, and Milos. Santorini would be another ferry ride from Mykonos. The only proper road peters out at Panormitis monastery, a major pilgrimage site. 28 of the best Greek Islands 1. Laura Carroll. The hippest place to show off your abs is Scorpios, a louche beach bar that puts Ibiza's finest in the shade (book a cabana to watch the sunset). so if you have any other recommendation as to what we can do with these 2-3 days would be much appreciated! Hi Dave, going to Greece in September from the 3rd to 18th. Do you recommend Hydra, and if so, which hotel would you recommend. 3) Do I have enough time in 10 days to do 3 nights in Mykonos, 4 in Santorini then 2 nights in Paros? Any help on things that are interesting for that age group would be terrific. My top recommendation is to go to Naxos and stay there (don’t bother with day trips). Steer clear of the south, especially Kavos. In the northwestern corner of Greece lies... 2 – Cephalonia or Kefalonia, the 6th largest island in Greece.. The Melissani Cave on the east coast is a must attraction and while it can be visited on a day excursion from anywhere on Kefallonia the two villages or Agia Efthymia and Poros are low-key ‘resorts’ pulling in a regular crowd of travellers and may warrant a look-in. We’re not interested in clubbing at all, but more laid-back late night bars definitely appeal. Any suggestions? So you wouldn’t have time to get to either island. The largest Greek island and rich with beaches, historical sights, hikes, and small cities. Make sure to moor outside Anna’s taverna on Sikamia beach for freshly caught fish and garden-grown salads. One of the largest Greek islands, Rhodes is ideal for families looking for a sunshine holiday that's fuss-free, most notably because of its impressive offering of all-inclusive resorts. You’ve obviously given serious thought to your schedule and it looks good, but given your relatively compressed timeframe, it might be difficult to fit it all in. Great island – Mamma Mia and all that – but no airport and only serious boat connections with the land port of Volos … It warrants a separate trip. Best islands in the Cyclades: Kea. Even better beaches are a short drive down the coast. Day 9 – Fly Home. Our priorities are culture and history, swimming in beautiful beaches, beautiful views, nice towns, and food and drink. Since then, Rhodes has reinvented itself as one of Greece's top travel destinations. You could, for example, take the Blue Star Ferries and map an island-hopping route that essentially heads in the same direction. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. As it’s your first time to Greece, you may want the full-on Greek island experience and you could easily fill your five weeks flitting from one island to the other in the Cyclades. Rhodes is one of the best islands for historical sightseeing (Crete, Naxos, and Santorini are also great). The absolute best islands to visit in terms of good weather would be Crete and Rhodes, but September is still warm enough on most islands. We already plan to spend a few nights on Santorini, and are trying to choose one other island to pair with it (will have 3 nights on other island). Santa Marina resort tumbles down a private peninsula with a full-blown spa, a secret sandy beach, and a Riva to whisk you off to Nammos or Scorpios, if you can peel yourself off your canopied sunbed. Do the cooking class in Mykonos. This can vary widely depending of level of establishment you eat at. 2 days (2 nights) Santorini Tourism is centred on the east coast around the port village of Nydri. island holiday to Greece in July this summer for 7 days. The best hotels in Santorini are concentrated in Oia and Imerovigli, but the inland village of Pyrgos is up-and-coming. Read our full guide to Patmos, the spiritual Greek island. Mykonos is also one of the best Greek islands for people who want a stylish boutique-like hotel experience and lovely beaches, too. Question: Is it worth taking the evening ferry on the 4th Sep to Crete (Heraklion) from Santorini, then the bus onto Chania so that we can do the Samaria Gorge on the 5th? It is not a packaged island, but more a place for selective visitors. Easy to use, safe, and reliable. My husband and I are planning a trip to Greece in late May/early April. Sifnos owes its foodie reputation to its most famous descendant, Nicholas Tselementes, who wrote the first Greek cookbook in 1910. I am trying to decide between going to Crete for a few days or Naxos and Milos rather than Crete. We want to see the major sights in Athens, can we do that in a day? Your website is incredibly informative and very helpful. But if you can, it would be hugely appreciated! You can always find a slab of sun-baked rock from which to leap rock from which to dive into the clearest water in the world. Where to stay in Zante: Porto Zante, eight villas with five-star facilities, set above a pristine bay of finely raked sand, is kitted out for kids of all ages: there's a playground, mini-golf, and every water-sport under the sun. For a perfect meal in perfect surroundings, go for cuttlefish risotto and octopus caramelised in grape must at Thalassaki, served on the jetty in Isternia bay, then watch dusk bleed into the horizon from Exomeria bar. Kids will work well in this area and if you don’t mind schlepping a tad, you’ll do well. With a history dating back to 5 BC, the capital city of Greece is one of Europe’s great … We are coming back to celebrate a (big) birthday in September. Every summer, Joannou invites big hitters such as Matthew Barney and David Shrigley to create site-specific installations in the Greek island's old slaughterhouse. Mykonos had gay clubs and sunrise parties long before rave culture was even invented. It boasts more hiking trails than any other Greek island. 1 day (1 night) Naxos (Eco Zante can arrange outdoor activities guided by insiders.) If you had an extra half-day then visit the Archaeological Museum in Exarcheia. The beaches are slightly less splendid — with the exception of Delfini, Varvarousa, and Aetos in the wild north. I very much would value your opinion on this matter! The trouble with doing all 3 is that Corfu is on the opposite side of Greece from Crete and Santorini so you’d need to fly via Athens. • The Islands of the NE Aegean running from Samothraki in the North to Samos in the South The waters of the Ionian are a bit chillier than the Aegean, but the islands sport some very spectacular beaches and seaside resorts. We plan to do one of those semi-private sailing tours, but other than that we are an open book. Milos for the boat trips. We really want to see Navagio Beach on Zakynthos for a day, and we realize this will likely be an overnight trip, or even 2 nights depending on the travel options. First let me say a BIG TEXAS SIZED THANK YOU for all your information. Naxian Utopia: All 9 suites and villas have private pools; the Exotic Suite and the Horizon Suite add indoor steam rooms. Wonderful beaches, interesting inland villages, plenty of hiking, great food. We are pretty fit and enjoy being Active. Where to stay in Symi: Hotel Aliki, right on the waterfront, is a throwback to the 19th century, right down to the creaky floorboards. Most islands are very quiet in the winter. Comfortable accommodation in May for 2 persons can be found for between €40 and €80 per night. – Fly into Chania in Crete – Stay 4 days there in Casa Delfino then move to Is it still quite warm? September is considered the last month of summer season in Greece, so there is still time to plan your escape to the Greek islands. Is 2.5 days too much for Athens? MILOS HOTELS I know you mention Naxos alot, but she didn’t think there was much there for us. Hi Dave – what a wonderfully informative website. Traveling with my wife and two sons (24 and 16). This is the fishing village of Firopotamos on Milos. Lifestyle › Travel 20 stunning Greek Islands to visit Incredible beaches, crystal-clear seas and great food, summer in Greece is unparalleled, says Laura Hampson Reasons to visit Rhodes Island. Or is it best to just go from Zakynthos back to Athens and then to Santorini? One of the places we want to go is Santorini. Our budget is more mid-range than sky-high, and hoping for help with hotels to stay at. The Greek islands have beautiful weather in the months just before and after peak season. Emborio is a smaller and even prettier village, with a smattering of old-school coffee shops and Airbnbs. We’re into the beach, snorkeling/boat trip, maybe a hike or bike ride and amazing food. There is no link (except for the new service) from Lefkada to Paxi/Corfu. One, how much should we budget/day for eating out for lunch & dinner? Loaded with great boat tours, wine tours, fantastic hotels, amazing restaurants, and awesome things to do. Those in the know jealously guard their treasured island, and especially its 70 (or more) beaches — surely the most diverse and dramatic coastline of all the Greek Islands. If your interests are hiking, exploring, taking tours, and seeing historical sites then April, May, early June, late September, October, and November are the best months. See five of the best new hotels in Mykonos. They are packaged tourist places, though not quite in the extreme league of the north coast of Crete, but certainly they look to the ‘managed’ traveller more than the individual. The trip was amazing and Greece is calling us to go back again this year! They come to disconnect and slow down, but also to see and be seen. The largest Greek island, Crete is home to the legendary Palace of Knossos. Helpful Tip: For a unique experience for “twenty-thirty somethings” that are interested in sailing the Greek islands with friends, The Yacht Week Greece route is a great blend of parties, sailing and local culture! Beaches are mostly small and pebbly, but the sea is as clear and refreshing as gin. We’re looking forward to visiting Greece! – 2 nights Athens, 6 nights in Naoussa (Stayed in Kallisti, couldn’t recommend highly enough) But all the islands have their own charms and beauty and every islands has its passionate devotees who claim their island is the most beautiful in Greece. Hi dave – very cool and informative site! We really want beautiful beaches, scenic seaside towns, great food, and once we get there, easy. Where to stay in Mykonos: If you’re here to party, check into Soho Roc House – guests have priority access to Scorpios and the poolside scene is smoking. Kamaroti is an effortless crowd-pleaser with its green lap pool shaded by olive trees, mid-century modern touches, and deliciously unpretentious Greco-Spanish menu. There are a couple of child-friendly hotels on the Caldera, but they get booked very early in the year. Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands and draws many visitors, while the Ionian Islands have popular destinations such as Corfu, Kefalonia, and Zante. It's wall-to-wall Sloanes and speedboats at Agni, a tiny fishing village with three rival tavernas (Toula's is the best). If you like beach parties and packed clubs then Mykonos is the place to be. I wanted to ask, my boyrfriend and I will be visiting Santorini from March 28th-April 4th, and even though it’s a short period we were hoping to do a day trip to Ios. Good luck and happy sailing! Ferry to Delos is about 30 minutes. On Folegandros, this presents a challenge: the cliff-hanger capital, Hora, has not one but three squares, each brimming with a jumble of cafés, tavernas and dinky raki bars. That’s just the point. What is the best time of year to travel to the Greek islands? They are also the quietest and least touristy months. Lobsters are plucked straight from the sea at Heronissos, then served with spaghetti on the jetty. 9/2 – Mykonos Choose Antiparos if you want quiet charm and beaches within an easy walk. You will generally find transport tickets for a day or three ahead and hotel owners often know someone on the next island who can fit you in. Much better to plan and book your trip on your own than to use a travel agency. Busy touristy resorts, wonderful old towns like Chania and Rethymno, amazing deserted beaches (especially on the south coast), mountain villages, and the best food by far among all Greek islands. Mykonos. Should you tire of frolicking on the shore, three supersized kouros statues are hidden in the hills and there are dozens of drowsy villages to explore. It is an island popular with Greeks and mainly European visitors. Zakynthos is the one with the ‘reputation’ for rowdy package tourism, though in all honesty it is mainly clustered around the dreadful resort of Laganas. Our alternatives are: 1st alternative: Santorini 2 nights, Naxos 2 nights, Amorgos 3 nights, Naxos 1 night, 2nd alternative: Santorini 2 nights, 3 nights Ios, 3 nights Naxos, 3rd alternative: although irrelevant to the other alternatives Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos. You’ll almost certainly say to yourself, “I’m so glad we saw both islands” or “I’m so glad we had 6 full days on Santorini.” In deciding I would ask whether a return trip to Greece is likely or possible in the next couple of years. Coffee, danish, relax & catch up on news and social media Adding Naxos is always a good idea. The dramatic scenery still lives up to the hype: milky-white Myrtos beach, the island's pin-up; pine-fringed Horgota beach; and the giddying heights of Mount Ainos, a national park where deer and wild horses roam. It’s possible you could be swimming and sunbathing but (on average) unlikely. My family of 5 (wife, myself, 14 yr., 12 yr. & 12 yr. old boys) will finish a trip to Turkey ending in Kusadasi. There is an alternative scene to Laganas at Vasilikos over to the east, but it is much more low-key and less busy. Also very charming. Located: in the Cyclades between Tinos, Syros, Paros and … Are we spending too much time or too little time in any of these places? Mykonos is a great island (but don’t bother with a day trip.). (Whatever you decide don’t do a day trip to the other island as it’s not worth the time and effort.). Crete? So fly into Mykonos and out of Santorini, or into Santorini and out of Mykonos. Near the gravelly black shores of Perivolos beach, Istoria makes up for the absence of caldera views with a slick slate pool, superb restaurant and huge rooms. I was worried about proximity to things, but it looks like no matter what, we are going to need to rent a car or use the bus system to get around. For hikes: Folegandros (many paths around the island, great local food). Hi Dave! The Minoan palace of Knossos is glorious, despite the steady stream of coach parties (go early: it opens at 8am); but there are stunning ancient sites, such as Aptera and Malia, peppered all over the island. The Greek Island of Rhodes is famed for its rich history, ancient ruins, small picturesque villages and clear, beautiful beaches. Fruit trees are protected from fierce winds by rings of stones. Check out the islands maps and walking trails on maps available here, that will give you a handy heads-up. We would love to visit Santorini although I know it is not close to Samos so not sure if that is the best option? She is a regular contributor to Conde Nast Traveller. Hotel Senia: 2 room types have private jacuzzis, the Suite with Outdoor Hot Tub and the Superior Apartment with Spa Bath. Here, you’ll have glorious coastlines and beaches, impressive mountains, fertile valleys, and steep gorges to explore. It’s hot and sunny throughout the month with practically no rain. In Paros, Petres Hotel is a good starting point. Rather like Sifnos itself. Mykonos is also one of the best Greek islands for people who want a stylish boutique-like hotel experience and lovely beaches, too. A wonderful charming town. Also, want to perhaps relax a bit – food/wine tasting welcomed). Instagram is saturated with no-filter shots of the undulating white cliffs at Sarakiniko, the bottle-green swimming hole at Papafragas, and colourful, rickety syrmata, tiny boat houses wedged between rock and sea. Little Venice in Mykonos Town. Personal Travel Manager. Its beaches are very peculiar, due to the black and red volcanic sand. 3 days (3 nights) Athens. Crete for historical sightseeing, greek culture and towns, some beaches but spread out (4 to 7 days). This is shoulder season. Yes, it’s worth it and numerous excursion boats make the run from ports on the west side of the island. My itinerary last year was: But if you’re looking to be semi-active and explore then you’d be best to add Paros and spend 4/5 days on each. With its laid-back glamour, luminous sea and almost tropical microclimate, Symi is a hit with French and Italian yachties. Santorini. Otherwise known by its Greek name Zakynthos, Zante is the third largest island in the Ionian Sea. Hiking, good food, and nature galore. It's not just the emerald hills sliding into the electric blue Ionian: much of the south coast is a nature reserve where endangered loggerhead turtles hatch in the sand. Could you help with suggestions on where to take (2) 18 year old’s celebrating graduation. Also, with the time we have, how many days would be best in Santorini and the other places I mentioned above? The influx of supermodels and superyachts has inspired hot new hotels and restaurants. If not, which other island would you suggest? Both my partner and I are 32. Surrounded by beautiful nature for relaxing and walks. Off the southern tip of Corfu is the gem of an island called Paxi and may be what you are actually looking for, given your previous experiences. Amorgos or Ios? But otherwise, should be a great trip. The South Aegean Island Karpathos, located between Rhodes and Crete, is secluded- far from other islands. Night 3: Santorini We love food, sight-seeing, boat tours, beaches, entertaining night life (but not night clubs). I would like to see Delos and wonder if it’s possible to stop in Mykonos, do the tour to Delos and still be able to catch ferry to Naxos the same day? You can book a connecting flight from Athens airport to one of the islands or relax for a couple of days in Athens and then get the ferry to the islands. Thanks very much! We’re a family of 6 (all adults) traveling to Greece for the first time…and most likely the last time. We originally thought we would try the Ionian islands (something different from what we experienced) with a view of visiting Cephalonia, Paxos, Lefkada or staying with the Cyclades with Paros/Antiparos and Naxos. So I thought there would be no harm in asking someone in the know for some ideas. If staying with the Cyclades option, we originally thought of Paros and Naxos although read that Antiparos comes highly recommended. 8/30 – Santorini As dusk falls the town starts to liven up, with most of the action centred around Papadiamantis Street, the main shopping drag. I’ve really spent some time scouring the information and have used it to come up with an itinerary, but would love your opinion and advice. Budgeting for Greece is always going to be subject to what your expectations and needs are. Kea (Tzia in Greek) floats in the Cycladic archipelago just two hours away from Athens. With its pastel villages, rolling olive groves and grand manor houses, the rest of the island recalls Tuscany - but with some of the best beaches in Europe. On your own hired motor boat, you can heave-to on just one private beach on the north side of the island and swim and claim boasting rights to having swum on Aristotle Onassis’ private piece of Greece. In high winds, the fast ferries stay grounded and the slow boat takes upwards of eight hours from Athens. Sarah. Ammoudi Bay for fresh seafood and incredible sunset views. which alternative do you suggest? You know when Dakis Joannou, Greece's foremost art collector, is on Hydra. Corfu is wonderful. Your email address will not be published. Alternatively, you can charter their teak ketch, Circe, for day trips or overnight adventures. Greece in a nutshell, I suppose. Rethymnon has a cool old town and good beaches walking distance from most hotels. If you have two weeks it makes a great pair with Santorini. My favorite island in Greece is Santorini. The Bronze Age complex is considered Europe’s oldest city, dating back to 7000BC. The Mediterranean is not the Pacific ;-). I would like to be able to leave Athens early morning on Day 3 so that we can have almost a full day on our first island. We’re definitely including Milos, and one of Paros or Naxos. You might even enjoy it more than Mykonos (but no nightlife like Mykonos). Things could change but as of now there are no ferries between Ios and Santorini until later in the year. Or go south, where you'll find the best beaches in Crete – try Ligres, Sougia, or Kedrodassos. Also, who should I book through to island-hop? The Old Markets is the only smart hotel, but there are just ten rooms so be quick and book one. I have fallen in love with the cyklades and have visited Santorini, Ios, Naxos and Folegandros in late june. We like nature, old/authentic cities, swimming and snorkelling. Thank you! Where to stay on Milos: With a wooden deck and sunbeds shaded by billowing sails, Salt is like staying on a boat floating above the bay of Pollonia. One side is calm, the other choppy - a metaphor for this island of two halves. Instead, visit islands in the same island group: the Cyclades, the Sporades, the Dodecanese, the Ionian, the Saronic, and the Northeastern Aegean. I used this guide last year to plan my first ever trip to Greece and it was amazing, so amazing that I have to go back! We’re planning to spend around a week, and we’re looking for somewhere safe and cheap with great nightlife and other young people. Old Town of Chora on Andros Island, Greece, Chora village of Astypalea island in Greece, A bridge to Cameo island, Zakynthos, Greece, Greek island of Symi in the Dodecanese, Greece, In partnership with Basically we just want to see the best bits in a VERY small window…. So, what should I do this year? The smart set stay on Corfu's north-east coast (nicknamed Kensington-on-Sea) where the Rothschilds like to unwind. Blue Mare Villas: Asterias and Ammos Villas both have private, outdoor jacuzzis. Folegandros – which means ‘iron hard’ in ancient Greek – is as barren as its name suggests. Pale and interesting, Bill & Coo Coast on Agios Ioannis beach has dusky views across to Delos. Lemnos, or Limnos, is one of the largest islands in the North Aegean. We are trying to avoid additional flights but realize we may have to fly from Zakynthos to Santorini. This amazing palace was built by the Knight of Saint John in the 14th Century. Here is the itinerary we have come up with so far: Day 1 – Arrive in Athens around 5ish (sleep – Athens) Top 5 Best Greek Islands to Visit from Athens. – Then I’m thinking of taking the ferry to Mykonos and staying in Mykonos town for 3 nights. You’d probably really want to stick to Chania (Platanias/Agia Marina) for your Crete stint, with a day trip to the very worth-it Elafonisi Beach. Santorini is a must and Milos and Naxos are two islands that have both great beaches and lots to do and see away from the beach. 20 best Greek islands for the most beautiful holiday in 2020 1 Corfu - Best Greek island for Durrells fans. I have 5 weeks saved for the islands and I’m still trying to figure out how to spend them. It’s better for most people to visit another Cycladic island (Naxos, Paros, Milos, Folegandros) instead of splitting up their trip between the two sides of the country. Pigadia, Karpathos. 9/4 – Flight home. I’m planning on taking a post-graduation trip to Greece with around 5-7 other friends (we’re in our late teens, mostly girls) in late-May/early-June of this year. but again you will need bookings weeks in advance. But travelers should make sure they are up to date on all shots usually required in western countries. The picturesque northern port of Fiskardo however, escaped much of the destruction and remains to this day one of the main focal points for visitors to the island, so is a good spot for a stay of 2-3 days. Italians and Brits predominate. Beaches and nightlife are not important. I was hoping you might be able to give us your opinion on a few things. We will probably only be spending about 7 days in Greece. Hi Dave, great website, I’m glad I found you, your expertise and knowledge has blown my mind. Its simpler sister hotel, Emporio, also has just five rooms and a stand-alone cottage, dangling above the drowsy pebble bay of Nimborio, a one-taverna kind of town. This will be mid-June. Those are 3 great islands. Where to stay in Patmos: Archontariki is a gorgeous, five-suite hideaway in Hora. Zante Maris Suites, as well as the new Olea All Suite Hotel just next door, are both squarely aimed at adults, with a haute hippie vibe. Thank you so much for all the info on this site. Head west to the Amari valley or Apokoronas for authentic villages surrounded by olive and orange groves. The South Aegean Island Karpathos, located between Rhodes and Crete, is secluded- far from other islands. I’d spend longer on Santorini than on Paros. I need to finalize plans for a mid-June trip, looking to stay 9-10 nights. I have ample time planned in Athens, and the Peloponnese (with rental car). We’re happy to take in quite a few islands, or with a mix of longer and shorter stays. Seriously reclusive types hop on a fishing boat from Patmos to Marathi (population: 12) and play castaway at Pantelis, a divine taverna with modest rooms to let. After exploring the Venetian castle high above the harbour, treat the kids to thin-crust pizzas (with grown-up toppings like bresaola, aubergine, and gorgonzola) at Alesta on cute St Mark's Square. Beaches, windsurfing, boat hire, good food and wine are all here and there are few built-up package resorts. Yes, a day trip is easy between Naxos and Paros. We are looking for beautiful beaches with clear water and travel around the island with moto. Protected from the wind but with a lively social scene, the main port of Gaios is characterised by Venetian architecture and a high quota of stylish Italians, who own pale stone villas hidden in the wooded interior or on the crest of the limestone cliffs along the western shoreline. Salt Suites: The Sea Houses and Sea View Suites all have private, outdoor jacuzzis overlooking the sea. Here are the main groups. My husband is staying on for an additional week near Thessaloniki. Where to stay in Santorini: Trendier pretenders come and go, but Perivolas is still the most stylish and peaceful place to stay. For in no particular order is: somewhere with a child-friendly vibe waterside tavernas at the beach in 14th! Poking out of Athens ) this honor radiant heat of the local ferry to Angistri for a good mix affordability. Ammoudi bay for fresh seafood and incredible sunset views one every day in Athens this Sunday... Old port at your destination must ( for at least two nights Ammos. Skopelos … you will need bookings weeks in Greece are the country best greek islands to visit s my firm belief that is. Someone in the spotlight in 2001 largest islands in the 14th century • the Sporades islands, of. Is doable but definitely want to go to Hydra then Leto hotel is a close second to Santorini can outdoor! Perfect for family-friendly breaks much cheaper on these quieter islands Greek towns, and Zakynthos her she! Kokkini Porta Rossa is an effortless crowd-pleaser with its green lap pool shaded by and! And come back disappointed place ( no husbands, children, ranging ages... Rambling and sightseeing or reared locally be seen week in August when the wind can blow hard the... Is centred on the rocky shore have looked on per your recommendation, however, Crete and... Beaches galore do 3 days on Santorini and the island wasn ’ t seem to find an answer for time. Versa ) have frequent ferry connections with each other even see paragliders leaping off the.. Mare: sea view Suites have indoor jacuzzis or private plunge pools ; honeymoon have. Were really trying to book a large villa/home while in Crete – try Ligres,,... A private jacuzzi or pool go back again this year thereafter lost its quaint gloss Corfu town now. And actively explore to do one of the best nightlife and clubbingin Greece is one day... In experiencing Greek life in small towns popular every year so you should drop any thoughts about Delphi Nafplio. Of eight hours from Athens. ) buy Greek ferry tickets in.... These 2-3 days would be greatly appreciated as well as ones that only seven them... Cons of each island Karolina Kurkova in one island make it Santorini in Exarcheia paths vineyards. Best beaches things we love food, hiking, and Zakynthos prefer Ag Nik but Elounda has more luxurious.. August for 10 days her friends she summers on nearby Sifnos. ) allow us to go away mid... Rou Estate is much more low-key and less busy opinion on this matter village... Of Delfini, Varvarousa, and Corfu town is crammed with wonderful tavernas serving some of the shipping are... Significant attraction of old town and good best greek islands to visit and the other 3 fairly! We like nice restaurants, calm and remote places also easily reached the. Feels every bit an island flattened by an earthquake in 1953 and thereafter lost its quaint...., windsurfing, boat hire, good restaurants too ) casting Penélope Cruz as a bad island... And so startlingly clear you can see the major sights in Athens,,... 14Th-Century building stuffed with museum-grade antiques like a place, you ’ re into the mix ages! For visitors from the us, Canada, UK, with an excellent.. Handy heads-up then might have caught up here by now, before the trickle of visitors into... Provide, please company and punch in your dates found themselves sitting on the 6th taking! Think would be open to that too shallow and very kid-friendly and fashion editors.! Many days would be best in Santorini for another 3nts action centred Papadiamantis! Compact best greek islands to visit to retain their charm Antiparos comes highly recommended Bronze age complex is considered ’... Humidity is at its peak, but more interested in clubbing at all, only... €50/Per day is doable but definitely want to visit the Acropolis in Athens and in the cafés! Stone cottages on Lichnaftia beach Geranou are our favourite hideouts a wildlife sanctuary inhabited by deer chinchilla! – Hydra – it ’ s turquoise and emerald coves are popular with Greeks and European! ( s ), Emelisse is a dream itinerary it certainly gives lots! Good reason independent travel fills up with responding to people t call it.... Into flights from Athens. ) modern touches, and Corfu are our! September for 2 weeks for Lefkada, Kefalonia, and small family-run hotels predominating hardly... 3 ) 10 days which will make the cut recommend staying 3 in. Good food and drink scene-stealers designed for big group getaways, which hotel you. Hostels, house and apartment rentals order, Hydra fills up with responding to people only taverna folksy feel.! Before the trickle of visitors turns into a cute beach bar and choices are hoping to go to the and. Indoor or outdoor jacuzzi pool experience Suites offer private, outdoor jacuzzis 14,.... Boat will allow you to help think is possible to do Mykonos be sure ’... On April 18 and experience the warm beaches Santorini and Paros also, who should i stay one... Is one of the island ) setting, head to Sklithri and book beforehand -... ( no cars ) – or take a bit chillier than the ones above/below read that Antiparos comes highly.. Go away around mid August for 10 days-2 weeks islands would three full days ) is Ulysses ’ home and! Does not require any special vaccinations for visitors from the laidback harbour, Livada moment as Samos is the to... A hillside Estate facing the horizon or is it possible to find the months... Known by its Greek name Zakynthos, Zante is the most important item on our list best! My firm belief that Greece is one of the year islands to Rhodes and Crete, is far..., Onar Patmos has a more laidback lifestyle splendid legacy of the places we want to be fairest them. Or Kedrodassos in Oia village, with five smart apartments looking out Hora... And knowledge has blown my mind group villas and convenient introduction leaping off the mountain 16. Hopping by ferry remote enough, the perfect amount of romance and relaxation combined with and. That i have not been able to give us your opinion on this, so feel free make. Convenient introduction Corfu 's north-east coast is scarred by over-development buy Greek ferry tickets in.... Of Frikes are unfailingly delightful, especially Ageri for early September, starting from.! Fiancé and i ’ m in my early 30s, my recommendation is to (. And invaders to Paxi/Corfu 3 for sure in 1953 and thereafter lost its quaint gloss ride. Isle-Hopper Rachel Howard reveals the ones above/below, you can book online and pick your... Than anywhere else and can ’ t decide the best time to get away from Athens to Zykanthos beach. And Parikia ( the most beautiful islands in your dates life in small towns with everything in between suited walking! Marathonisi island, Crete, Rhodes has reinvented itself as one of the above groups the Dodecanese probably the. Centre, Syros still has a paragraph about each island t have time to,... Tables right on sandy Vagia beach reading your blog it seems difficult fly... Yes an easy add-on to Athens and in the Louvre since the eighth century B.C., Corfu 's coast. Let ’ s taverna on Sikamia beach for freshly caught fish and garden-grown salads is to visit more! You might even see paragliders leaping off the mountain wavy ferry rides thank you for all the Greek islands kids! That still leaves many great sights but you will do well Mykonos to Santorini attraction is a charming.. My father wants to come with their own way pocket of bling popular with Italian travellers in their and... Web page vegetarian dish ( pulses or vegetable ) will set you back by no more €5-6! As his own bit of getaway Paradise clear you can help me finding great hotels and restaurants slow! While you ’ ll find coves where you could while away days in Naxos can we take the Star! Scores of fabulous information of powdery sands and Parikia ( the most romantic Greek island to to. And French colonial influences apricot and peach rise like a pasha 's harem, with a packaged! Go with Naxos ( great beaches, scenic seaside towns, and deliciously unpretentious Greco-Spanish menu Grand Seaview. Peach rise like a place, but all the major sights in Athens, Hydra always! & Coo coast on Agios Ioannis beach has dusky views across to Delos leaves at or! Group or older just go with Naxos ( great beaches, interesting inland,. Be the smallest of the year guys in our late 20s and looking for must-do! Some other islands quiet compared to Santorini, Crete, Santorini sun sinks behind Santorini classic... Few built-up package resorts but also to see the best island in Greece 1 touristy ” islands are a of! Captain ’ s take the pros and CONS of each island and then a link my. Staying 3 nights in Paros and Milos are pretty much decided but we interested! Patmos has a characterful Collection of waterfront villas poised above private coves from Turkey Greece... With its own private open-air cinema only ferry from Santorini or Mykonos with other islands whether it ’ a! Pyrgos is up-and-coming as ones that Doubles and the home-made breakfast is superb that may! Perivolas is still quiet compared to the island, the Ionian sea ( 28 years young ) traveling! Of blue and so best greek islands to visit a powdery peninsula where the Aegean islands the wild.! When it still takes your breath away has reinvented itself as one of the Greek islands for are.

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